Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Hon. Vincent Mwale with RDA CEO Eng. George Manyele.


Road Development Agency (RDA) Director and Chief Executive Officer Eng. George Manyele says there is steady progress on the 118km Mpika –Nabwalaya- Mfuwe Road which links Muchinga and Eastern provinces 

Eng. Manyele says the contractor China Henan Corporation Group Company Limited, who is working on the road has so far managed to pass through the Muchinga escarpment, something which has never been done before. 

The RDA Director and Chief Executive Officer was speaking in his brief to the Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Hon. Vincent Mwale who is on a tour of road projects in Muchinga Province. 

And Eng. Manyele said the Mpika – Kasama road is undergoing holding maintenance on the worst portions of the road. 

He said the contractor China Geo-Engineering Corporation and the RDA Northern Region office have divided themselves in carrying out maintenance works on the road.

RDA CEO Eng. George Manyele speaking to journalists along the Mpika-Nabwalya road.


“We have the contractor China Geo-Engineering Corporation working on some bad portions of the road from Mpika side while our regional office in the Northern Province is also working from Kasama to Mpika. This has created a relief for most motorists as some bad portions have been worked on.” Eng. Manyele said. 

And Eng. Manyele has said the Agency has a maintenance strategy currently running. 

He said the 2014 to 2024 RDA Road Maintenance strategy spells out what maintenance intervention are to beundertaken on specific roads. 

“When coming up with our maintenance strategic plan, we carried out a national survey on all the roads in Zambia and we catergorised them as good, fair, poor and bad.  Our aim is to ensure that we increase the number of roads to the good condition category,” Eng. Manyele said. 

He said the RDA has a very good working relationship with the Government and was appreciative with the resources being made available for the RDA to carry out maintenance works.