Lukulu road.

Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Hon. Charles Milupi says the Government will address the plight of people of Lukulu District in Western Province by upgrading the Katunda-Lukulu-Watopa road.

Speaking during an on-the-spot check at the Kaoma - Katunda Junction, Hon. Milupi bemoaned the poor state of the road.

He described the road as an important economic link between Western Province and the rest of the country.

The Minister said the construction of the road to an all-weather bituminous quality road would spur economic activity for the locals which would in turn boost national development.

Hon. Milupi said Western Province possessed massive potential to contribute to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“When upgraded, this road will unlock the productive energy of the people of Lukulu to increase productivity in agriculture and other sectors of the economy,” he said.

Hon. Milupi said the Lukulu-Katunda-Watopa road had been in a deplorable state since independence hence the urgent need for major improvement.

He said tarring the road would contribute positively towards socio-economic development of the indigenous people with a spillover effect to the rest of the country.

The section from Mongu roundabout to Katunda Junction approximately 180 kilometres which had isolated potholes had been sealed.

The section between Katunda Junction and Kaoma Junction approximately 15 kilometres has several potholes.

The section between the Tateyoyo Gate (Kafue National Park) and Nalusanaga Gate approximate 140km had isolated potholes which have been patched.

The road section between Katunda junction and Tateyoyo which is approximately 87 kilometres requires full rehabilitation.

More potholes have opened up, deep and wide posing a great danger to the road users.

The office of the regional manager has, however, continued patching the road with progress standing at 78 percent.


The project is aimed at patching potholes on the Lusaka-Mongu road from Mongu roundabout to Nalusanga gate (Kafue National Park) with the total distance of 404 kilometres.

The section between Kaoma and Tateyoyo gate (Kafue National Park West Gate) road is the worst affected in terms of potholes, corrugations and depressions on ripped sections.

The project is being carried out on Force Account by the RDA Western Region Office at an estimated cost of K3,557,678.35.

The scope of works is but not limited to the following: patching with cement stabilised gravel; premix patching on the carriageway; edge repair on severely damaged road edges; grading and gravelling on reconstruction section.