Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Eng. Charles Mushota, RDA Senior Manager Corporate Affairs Anthony Mulowa and RDA Environmentalist Gershom Chilukusha during a courtesy.


Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Eng. Charles Mushota says the Kasomeno-Mwenda road and bridge project once completed will change the economic fortunes of the province.
Eng. Mushota said the road and bridge project which would link Zambia to the Democratic Republic of Congo was directly responding to Government’s agenda of economic diversification.

Eng. Mushota said the Province had also considered aspects of climate change which had adversely affected the province.

" The Kasomeno-Mwenda is one project looking at and planning ahead as well as responding to diversification of the economy.
" We are concentrating on agriculture, power generation. The Province also has potential in tourism," he said.

Eng. Mushota said this when a team from the Road Development Agency (RDA) Headquarters paid a courtesy call on him.

He said there was need to improve on the communication and transport sector, a move he noted was already underway in the Province.
He commended the team which comprised of RDA Senior Manager Corporate Affairs, Anthony Mulowa, Principal Environmentalist Gershom Chilukusha, Sociologist Oivy Hamududu Boole and Senior Technical Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture in Luapula Province Nicholas Chanda for touching base and assessing fields for Project Affected Persons (PAPs).

He said this had provided a basis on how future projects in the province would be handled as regards to PAPs.

The Project involves upgrading 85km of the Chalwe to Mwenda Road and construction of a new bridge across the Luapula River at Chalwe.

Once upgraded, the new route is anticipated to significantly reduce travel times.
The scope also includes the construction of a new road and associated border controls and toll plazas between Kasomeno in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Mwenda in Zambia.

Key elements of the project include: 182 km of new single carriageway road. 96km of the road is situated in the DRC and 86 km in Zambia and Construction of a 345 metres cable-stayed bridge across the River Luapula.

Other components are the Construction of one-stop border posts on either side of the River Bridge with associated parking and warehousing facilities and Construction of toll plazas on both sides of the bridge.

Others are Construction of four satellite toll plazas and Provision of an access road to the proposed airport at Kasenga.

The project is an integrated PPP toll concession between the Concessionaire, Messrs Groupe Europeén de Development (GED) Projects Africa Zambia Limited and the Governments of Zambia (GRZ) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The concessionaire has signed separate concession agreements with the respective Governments.


Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Hon. Vincent Mwale with RDA officials.


Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Hon. Vincent Mwale is impressed with maintenance works being carried out by the Road Development Agency (RDA) on the 210 km Mpika – Kasama road. 

The Minister says going forward, Government must start considering investing heavily in the RDA by empowering the Agency with necessary equipment. 

Hon. Mwale was speaking after inspecting the Mpika – Nabwalaya, Mpika - Kasama and the Mulilansolo through Chinsali to Safwa roads. 

“We are happy to see that RDA is able to carry out maintenance works like what is currently happening on the Mpika – Kasama road. This gives an idea that we can effectively carryout maintenance works, all that we need to do as Government is to empower the RDA with equipment,” Hon Mwale said.



 The Minister said Government had constructed a lot of roads at a great cost and that there was need for these roads to be protected through an effective maintenance plan. 

“With adequate road equipment, RDA must be able to effectively maintain roads in the country and reduce the costs of spending so much money on overhauling roads when they deteriorate,” he said. 

The Minister who is leading a team of RDA Engineers led by the Director and Chief Executive Officer Eng. George Manyele said he was in Muchinga Province to appreciate the state of the roads and inspect the ongoing road works. 

He assured the people of Muchinga that Government would continue to deliver on its promises, and it should be trusted as it would always deliver as far as Infrastructure development is concerned.




Government has confirmed receiving a proposal for a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for reconstruction of Lundazi Bridge, which was washed away by heavy rains in 2019.

Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale says that the proposal is from one of the businesspersons operating in Lundazi district.

Mr. Mwale, however, says that the PPP on Lundazi Bridge cannot be approved because Government already fully funded the reconstruction of the Bridge.

He says that his ministry would advise the businessman, who wanted to assist in the reconstruction to choose another Bridge under PPP arrangement.

And Mr. Mwale says that heavy rains have continued to hinder the reconstruction works and that the contractor has decided to work on the bridge when rains subside.

He says that an embankment that was put up by the contractor to guide the water so that works could start was washed away.

Mr. Mwale assured residents of Lundazi and motorists that the Bridge, which would be longer and broader according to new designs, will be constructed.

Source: Breeze FM


Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Hon. Vincent Mwale with RDA CEO Eng. George Manyele.


Road Development Agency (RDA) Director and Chief Executive Officer Eng. George Manyele says there is steady progress on the 118km Mpika –Nabwalaya- Mfuwe Road which links Muchinga and Eastern provinces 

Eng. Manyele says the contractor China Henan Corporation Group Company Limited, who is working on the road has so far managed to pass through the Muchinga escarpment, something which has never been done before. 

The RDA Director and Chief Executive Officer was speaking in his brief to the Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Hon. Vincent Mwale who is on a tour of road projects in Muchinga Province. 

And Eng. Manyele said the Mpika – Kasama road is undergoing holding maintenance on the worst portions of the road. 

He said the contractor China Geo-Engineering Corporation and the RDA Northern Region office have divided themselves in carrying out maintenance works on the road.

RDA CEO Eng. George Manyele speaking to journalists along the Mpika-Nabwalya road.


“We have the contractor China Geo-Engineering Corporation working on some bad portions of the road from Mpika side while our regional office in the Northern Province is also working from Kasama to Mpika. This has created a relief for most motorists as some bad portions have been worked on.” Eng. Manyele said. 

And Eng. Manyele has said the Agency has a maintenance strategy currently running. 

He said the 2014 to 2024 RDA Road Maintenance strategy spells out what maintenance intervention are to beundertaken on specific roads. 

“When coming up with our maintenance strategic plan, we carried out a national survey on all the roads in Zambia and we catergorised them as good, fair, poor and bad.  Our aim is to ensure that we increase the number of roads to the good condition category,” Eng. Manyele said. 

He said the RDA has a very good working relationship with the Government and was appreciative with the resources being made available for the RDA to carry out maintenance works.


Investigation by Engineers from the Road Development Agency (RDA), into cause of the damaged culvert on the Zimba to Livingstone road has revealed that components of an Amco steel culvert were stolen thereby compromising the intergrity of the road.

This led to the section of the road to weaken and sink.

RDA Acting Director Communication and Corporate Affairs Anthony Mulowa says theft of the steel culverts caused the damage to a section of the Livingstone to Zimba road.

“After we received reports of damage to the road after a heavy down pour, Engineers at our Regional Office in Southern province moved to site very quickly to correct the situation so that traffic flow is maintained. Investigations carried out have established that there was theft of Amco steel pipe culverts which compromised the integrity of the road and resulted in the structure developing the defect.” Mr. Mulowa said.

He added that RDA has started working on the damaged portion to replace the stolen steel culverts with concrete ones.

Mr. Mulowa said that repair works were currently on course and are expected to be concluded at the weekend and that Traffic has not been disturbed.

“Our appeal to the Zambian people is to make sure that they are on alert and guard road infrastructure and furniture. Roads are constructed at a great cost and that every Zambian should look out and report any suspected vandalism on road furniture to law enforcers.” Mr. Mulowa added. 

Meanwhile, motorists are assured that RDA is on top of things and that the Livingstone to Zimba road remains a high-quality road with the bestriding surface since it was constructed over 10 years ago.

And in view of incidences of theft of steel culverts on road infrastructure across the country, RDA has now started installing concrete culverts to ensure roads have a durable lifespan.

Southern Province RDA Regional manager Emmanuel Kanguma says works to reinstate the road are going well.

Eng. Kanguma said the area was receiving normal to above normal rainfall which had made it challenging to work on the road.

He was however positive that works would be concluded over the weekend.